Don’t have a website yet?

Your potential clients probably don't know about your existence yet. You are putting them in the hands of your competition. The Internet is currently the best place to acquire and exchange information. It allows you to use all kinds of services in a simple and widely available way. Computers and smartphones have become an indispensable element of our everyday lives. There is no need to deceive oneself, such media as television or newspapers are sinking into oblivion.

What benefits will you have from having a website?

You will increase your chances of gaining new clients, emerge from the crowd and manage promotion on your own terms. You will gain an advantage over those who have not yet decided on this step. This will be one of your best investments. So, would you like to meet people who can help you with that?

We design websites

Do you need your place on the Internet?
We will help you to have presence in this space, we create virtual world.

How do we work?

1. Pricing and contact
This is the stage during which we will get to know your needs and expectations. Contact us using the form.

2. Website design
Graphic designer will take care of your website appearance, tailored to your needs. When the work is done, the most awaited moment will come, you will see what it will look like. You will want to use it immediately.

3. Installation and configuration
We will prepare a server, register the domain, and configure the content management system.

4. Programming work
At this stage, the website will be in the hands of programmers. They will make the functions work properly and the use of the website enjoyable. You also participate in this process. We maintain ongoing contact and implement suggestions and comments on an ongoing basis.

5. Filling up the content
Only one step separates you from our joint work. We will enter the content that breathes life into the new website.

6. Launching the website
The website you have been waiting for will be accessible to everyone.

7. CMS training
We will guide you through the management system, teach you how to add new entries and explain step by step how to use all functions. We will make sure that you feel confident and be able to handle your site management.

What makes us stand out?

In our activities, we focus on the latest technological solutions. We create in accordance with WCAG standards, enabling people with disabilities to use websites easily and effectively. We help clients at the stage of domain registration and hosting configuration.

About us

There are exceptional people behind every unique project, and their experience and passion make work a pleasure. Our well-coordinated team of programmers in cooperation with a graphic designer will help you implement your ideas.

We specialize in developing websites and extensions based on Joomla! CMS.