What is CMS?

CMS (Content Management System) is a system that allows for quick, easy, and intuitive website management without knowledge of programming languages. Friendly interface allows you to edit your content in a similar way to the solutions known from popular text editors.


We specialize in implementing Joomla! CMS, a system that meets the expectations of even the most demanding users. It has lots of powerful customization possibilities, therefore it is used to build simple as well as more advanced websites (e.g., government websites). Joomla! has a huge database of components, modules and add-ons extending the basic functionalities. Does your website require a fully individual approach? No problem, we will adapt it to your needs.

What you will gain if you choose Joomla! with us

  • Time – intuitive administration panel. You do not need to know how to program, all you need is to understand how CMS works and you can immediately start managing your website by yourself.
  • Money – a huge collection of add-ons allows you to reduce the costs that you would have to bear even if you would like to achieve basic functionalities.
  • Security – the system has an update mechanism that eliminates all vulnerabilities to various security holes on an ongoing basis.
  • Freedom – virtually no restrictions. Even if there is no extension you need, we can write it for you.

Additional advantages

  • a proven system – 100 million downloads worldwide
  • popularity in business solutions
  • application in e-commerce, e-learning, and portals
  • fully configurable management system
  • possibility to create multilingual websites
  • built-in SEO tools
  • expandable